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drying timber floors sydney
drying timber floors sydney

Timber Flooring Equipment Hire

Taking care of your timber flooring the right way is essential to maintain the longevity and appearance of your wood floors. However, if you find yourself with water damage, whether from a fire, flood, or leak, you’ll need to use specialized equipment to help fix the damage.

While you can always contact our team for professional floor drying services, you might be inclined to dry your flooring by yourself. If you need drying wood floor equipment, our team is here to help match you with the right equipment to help restore your wood flooring to its prime condition!

What Type Of Equipment Should I Use To Dry My Timber Flooring?

Many different pieces of equipment can be used to dry your timber flooring. Some may need to be used in combination with each other to provide the best results for your home. For timber floor drying, we recommend using the Injectidry system along with a commercial dehumidifier hire.

How Does Injectidry Work?

Injectidry is one of the primary solutions we use to dry timber flooring. First, a series of black panels are placed on the hardwood floor with a seal that is airtight around the edges. Next, yellow hoses are attached to the holes in the panel, with the other end hose attached to a suction line. The suction line forms a suction underneath the panels once connected with the Injectidry system. Air will travel between the hardwood floor and subfloor, through the boards, and extract the moisture right out of it. Commercial dehumidifiers are typically placed in the room alongside this equipment to remove any moisture that may be lingering.

Why Choose Our Equipment Hire Services?

When you choose to rent equipment through our company, we ensure you receive the highest quality equipment and service possible. Our team is equipped to help you through the entire drying process, from setting up your injectidry panels and commercial dehumidifiers to removing them once they're no longer needed! We guarantee that you'll receive:
• The Right Equipment For Your Job: We'll help match you with the best equipment, whether it's injectidry panels or commercial dehumidifiers!
• Professional Installation: Not only will we deliver the equipment you need to your home or business, but our team of experts will also install your injectidry system and make sure all pieces are correctly connected to get optimal results. Once you're done with your equipment, we will pick it up for you. We make it as easy as possible to get the equipment you need.
• Quick Turn-Around Time:  In addition to delivering and installing your injectidry system, we'll also schedule a pick-up time that's convenient for you. We have flexible hours, so you don't need to take off work! We provide a quick turn-around time to get you the equipment you need immediately!

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When you need injectidry panels or commercial dehumidifiers to help restore your timber flooring, our team has the experience and equipment to help get your wood flooring back to its prime condition! Contact us today to get started.
drying timber floor sydney

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